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The Peak of the Credit Crisis has Past in Brazil

        Analysis: The Worst is Past for Brazil’s Credit Cycle Vernon H. Budinger, CFA CAIA November 10, 2016 See disclosure at the end of the article. Overview Recent headlines present optimistic news for Brazil’s credit markets.  On October 28, 2016, Valor Read More...

Silverado Asset-Backed Securities: Fraud & Deceit in the Brazilian ABS Market

Investors lost over R$400 million in the failure of Silverado's two main ABS securities, called Fundo de Investimento em Direitos Creditórios (FIDC).  Latin America Structured Finance has written this article to inform credit investors about the unique risks posed by the Brazilian credit markets, Read More...

Investors Seek Compensation from Silverado and Service Providers

This story was translated from DCI, a Brazilian business journal.  Investors in Silverado's FIDCs (Brazilian ABS) seek compensation from the Silverado Gestão e Investimentos Ltda for damages incurred due to the collapse of at least two Silverado FIDCs: Maximum and Maximum II.  In addition, the Read More...

The Hour of the Nightmare: So You Want to Invest in Brazilian Real Estate?

The Hour of the Nightmare: A Translation According to EXAME, "Dozens of real estate developers have not been able to deliver real estate dwellings that they sold before the development broke ground.  As of this date, close to 25,000 families have been financially damaged.  What does this say Read More...

Thoughts on the Brazilian Economy

Brazil's economy has been shrinking for eight consecutive quarters now.  In 2015, we thought that economic growth would have resumed by now. However, we missed several key signals that would have changed our outlook.  The key indicators were the enormous price increases on government-supervised Read More...

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Bad news for credit:  Economists and the markets are expecting higher inflation, higher interest rates, and lower industrial production in Brazil.  The good news is that even the most negative economists expect Brazilian Industrial Production to pick up at the end of 2015.          

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Outlook for the Brazilian Economy and Local Credit Markets

The economic drivers that have brought Brazil to its knees are now pointing to a more favorable climate, even though economists continue to lower their GDP forecasts. The market is now looking for GDP to fall 1.7% in 2016. The forecast for 2016 sounds bad until compared to 2015’s forecast of a decline in GDP Read More…

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